achieves rapid time-to-benefit for you

Today’s Communications Service Providers (CSP) are faced with a changing landscape of challenges. Competition is fierce and coming from new entrants to the digital services market. Over the Top (OTT) competitors are emerging and bringing about an expectation of innovation and change by digital customers.

Exciting new technologies such as network virtualisation (SDN/NFV) and Internet of Things (IoT) are on the verge of becoming commercially viable for CSPs. They will require significant capital investments, but CSPs need nimble operational tools to unlock their potential benefits.

To stay ahead of the competition through this period of disruptive change CSPs must have highly adaptable people, processes and technology. Existing operational tools and processes are often too complex and cumbersome to cope with the rapid changes needed. 

You’ve already seen the traditional, monolithic Operational Support Systems (OSS) and the multi-purpose big data tools. Each has its own strengths and limitations. The CROSS product suite has been designed with one purpose in mind – to act as a rapid, flexible bridge between your business systems (BSS) and your network (NMS). Based on dynamic network inventory, CROSS links insights from one of your key assets (your customers / business) with another key asset (your network or service delivery platform).

CROSS achieves rapid time-to-benefit for you by

  • Providing a data mapping solution that is resilient enough to cope with the incomplete data sets that are common within most CSPs
  • Being completely agnostic of any hardware, operating systems, databases, cloud provider, etc meaning that you can use infrastructure that matches your IT roadmap and avoids vendor lock-in
  • Enabling many tasks through Network Discovery Root Cause Analysis, Service Impact Analysis, and more
  • Offering pre-existing interfaces to third-party systems such as Provisioning, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Billing and NMS (Network Management Systems)
  • Running as a service in a browser, providing future-proofing through the use of web-scaled architectures and associated architectural flexibility
  • Providing a modular application suite that can be deployed as a complete operational solution or to spot-fill gaps that exist in your current suite
  • Delivering swift, reliable integration with third-party solutions via compliance with standards such as TM Forum’s Frameworx.

The diagram below shows just one of the many existing workflows that CROSS can customise to your specific requirements. The key to these processes are the feedback loops that allow you to continually analyse and refine your processes to optimise outputs such as profitability. 

CROSS also provides workflows with action-based feedback loops across other domains such as Assurance, Fulfilment, Design, Inventory and Documentation.

These allow other factors to be optimised including service designs, field workforce activities, activation processes, process approvals, resolution times and many more.

These provide the tools to help you to continually drive costs out of your business and get services delivered to your customers faster, reducing your quote to cash (Q2C) cycle.